About Oat Float


Oat Float is a zero waste shop on wheels. We deliver top quality unpackaged food and other household essentials in our gorgeous electric milk float from 1974!

You can book the float direct to your door, or catch us on one of our regular float stops. 

Bring your containers to the float to be refilled with goods from pasta and rice, dried fruit and nuts to olive oil and spices (and a few treats too). We also refill cleaning liquids and toiletries. Think how many plastic bottles that saves! 

We want to make sustainable shopping easy, affordable and fun. 


We aim to stock all your cupboard essentials, as well as carefully chosen luxuries. Oat Float will cater to all your needs!

We welcome customer feedback. If we're missing an item you want, just let us know.

Zero Waste

We ask our customers to provide their own containers. As well as cutting down on packaging, refilling reduces food waste, by only buying what you need.


We estimate that in our first year we will save the use of over 20,000 pieces of plastic.


We founded Oat Float with the community in mind. Customers always have the opportunity to refill with their neighbours.

We are involved in community projects such as our sustainability workshops commissioned by Sovereign Housing on plastic pollution, therapeutic 

gardening, and Forest School.

If you have any suggestions for community work that we could get involved in please Contact Us!