Frequently asked questions

How can I find the Oat Float?

1. Check our map/timetable for our fortnightly 'Float Stops'. Just come out and find us! If we are too far down your street, let us know and we'll try and park closer. 2. Book us to come direct to your street at a time that suits you. Share your booking with your neighbours to help make the Oat Float as efficient as possible!

Do you have a minimum order or booking fee?

No, there is no minimum order or a booking fee!

How do I pay? Do you accept cash?

You can pay using cash or card. We accept Apple/Google pay. We prefer contactless where possible.

Do you supply containers?

We prefer you to bring your own containers: anything from glass jars to yoghurt pots, jam jars or water bottles. We are also happy to top up your containers which still have some food in them, as we weigh contianers before and after top-up. We also sell drawstring cloth bags, perfect for storing goods like pasta or rice. If you run out of tubs we will have paper bags on hand.

What packaging does Oat Float recieve the products in?

We buy in bulk to minimise packaging. Wherever possible we have tried to source our products in sustainable packaging - cardboard and paper sacks. Where this hasn't been possible we ensure that non-reusable packaging is recycled. Our toiletries and household products come almost entirely in a closed loop supply chain, meaning that the containers are returned to the manufacturers to be re-used.