Sam and Renwar studied Economics together at North Bristol Post 16 Centre and had been plotting business ventures they could start together. The only problem was finding one that didn't contribute to more needless stuff in the world!


Anna is an old friend of Sam's family. She heard of a similar business in North London and was convinced that it would be perfect for Bristol. Why had no-one started something like this here? 


In Autumn 2020 Sam, Anna and Renwar began to plan. Many heartfelt meetings and heated debates later, here we are!


They are joined by the wonderful Mailin Bala who helped source fantastic products, handing out dollops of business nous and wisdom, and covering all the complex legals. We also owe a huge thanks to Garry Frost and Scott Palmer for building the magnificent Oat Float! 

Meet The Team


Sam Holland

Director, Co-founder

Hello! I'm Sammy and I'm working full-time on Oat Float. I'm involved in all of our operations but you will know me from the float which I operate alongside Anna.

Whilst studying Economics and Business, Renwar and I were eager to start a venture of our own. After several ideas didn't make it off the drawing board, the timing of Anna's proposal for Oat Float couldn't have been better. I'm a keen environmentalist and I've loved learning about the challenges we face from the people we've worked with!


Anna Raphael

Director, Co-founder

Hi I'm Anna. You will usually see me out and about on the float serving our lovely customers!

When I heard about a similar service in London I knew it would work in Bristol. So many people here want to do their bit to cut down on single use plastic and their carbon footprint. We just want to make it that bit easier for them to do it!

The Story

Renwar Head (2).png

Renwar Karim

Director, Co-founder

Hey there! I'm Renwar and I am mostly in charge of the online aspects of our business such as this website which I built. I joined Oat Float to help with the website and loved the Oat Float idea so much that I have stayed on and worked alongside Sammy and Anna to co-found Oat Float.

I met Sammy through our Sixth Form where we both studied Economics. We very quickly became close friends and discovered our mutual ambitions for entrepreneurship. When Sammy gave me the call inviting me to join the Oat Float team, I did not hesitate to say a massive YES!