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Eco-Friendly Toilet Freshening Bombs (Single)


Sustainable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, plant-based, vegan, convenient, refillable, zero waste, plastic-free and effective cleaning!


A natural alternative to chemical-laden toilet fresheners.


These toilet freshening bombs fizz away limescale and dirt. Infused with essential oils; peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus. These not only leave your toilet bowl smelling fresh. their antimicrobial properties eradicate germs. 



Made using natural vegan ingredients:

Bicarbonate of soda ( 59.90%), Citric acid (39.94%), Lavender essential oil (0.08%), Peppermint essential oil (0.04%), Eucalyptus essential oil (0.04%)



1. Drop 1-2 toilet bombs into the toilet bowl.
2. Your bombs will gentle fizz. Once this has stopped, scrub your toilet with a brush.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Freshening Bombs (Single)

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