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About Oat Float


Launched in 2021 and operating in North Bristol, Oat Float is a refill shop on wheels, helping our customers reduce their plastic footprint. We're passionate about reuse - many of the bottles, tubs, bags and jars that we already have can be refilled many times over - we simply don't need new packaging each time we buy something - it is an unbelievable waste.

Founded by forever-legends-of-the-float Anna, Sam & Renwar, Oat Float is now owned and run by Matt Wilkinson. In 2019, his family were one of 50 Bristol households to take part in Bristol Waste's inaugural #wastenothing challenge, an experience that opened their eyes to refilling. If only the refill shop was on our doorstep, they used to muse. Oh wait, it is, and it's called the Oat Float!

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