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Supreme Muesli (100g)

Ingredients: toasted malted wheat flakes (wheat flakes, barley malt extract), black jumbo raisins, barley flakes, Scotch jumbo oats, Scotch porridge oats, wheat flakes, oat & coconut granola (oats, barley, granulated sugar, sunflower oil, desiccated coconut, treacle, starch, malt extract (from barley), cinnamon, rosemary extract & natural flavouring), chopped dates (dates & brown rice flour), roasted hazelnuts, broken Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, provincial currants, cashew nut pieces, chopped figs (figs & brown rice flour)

Supreme Muesli (100g)

500 Grams
  • If you know how much you would like to order, select a weight from the Weight dropdown, along with the required Quantity. For example, if you would like 300g, select 100g from the Weight dropdown and 3 for Quantity. The price shown will be what you are charged after delivery.


    If you don't know the weight you require and simply would like your container filling, select Fill my container from the Weight dropdown. Add any additional instructions (for example, half-fill my container, fill to the blue line etc.) as required. The price will revert to £0 and you will be charged based on the actual weight after the delivery has been made.

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    Cut-off is 9pm the day before delivery day.

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